Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising

Can Amazon Advertising work for you? If you’re a product-oriented brand or business, then it is imperative for you to reach your customer and drive them to your Amazon product page. You can use every technique available to help you reach this goal like Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising. However, ultimately you need to target a user with a consumer or buyer state of mind. This works by advertising on services like Amazon where people flock to purely for the purpose of buying products. By advertising your product via Amazon Advertising, you can cut the line and be displayed as the sponsored product in the relative searches. The CPC model also helps ensure that value is returned for any bit of capital that you invest in this advertisement campaign.

If you’re looking up information about Amazon Advertising then continue reading because, by the end of this page, you’d have known why you’re seeking out this service.

Why does your business benefit from Amazon advertising?

If you’re a business that is looking to:

  • Connect with target audience quickly
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Achieve ROI
  • Expand your target audience
Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising

Then advertising on Amazon will significantly help your business. As Amazon targets buyers who are searching for items for the sake of buying, having your product appear as the relevant search result drives customers your way. This is the easiest and surest way to build on clientele. The CPC model makes you’re the advertising campaign does not go over-budget. There are over 300 million Amazon users and if you can market and advertise your product smartly then you’ll have a lot more eyes on your product compared to what you did before.

Here’s how I can Help With your Amazon Advertising

For an e-commerce business, advertising on Amazon should come almost as an instinct. A shopping website that houses catalogs upon catalogs can be handsomely capitalized for any brand. With the right marketing strategy and my knowledge of bidding and keyword binding, we can come up with an effective advertising plan to boost your sales. If you want to use Amazon to attract more customers your way and ultimately receive higher returns then look no further and get in touch with me today. I can draft an advertising plan for your business and help set it up on Amazon Ads as well so that your product sells and sells well.

Recommendations other clients

I perceive Paul as generous and intelligent person, who’s business savvy and has a great curiosity towards technical development and automatisation. He has an admirable passion for helping people establish their dreams, while chasing his own. We got to know each other quite well in a very short time, which resulted in a great work relationship, and special friendship. Paul is one of the few people I’d trust with my business marketing, and one of the few people I actually learned to listen to 🙂

Lisanna Weston
CEO & Founder Dutchies Travel

During my time working with Paul, I have come to know him as a passionate and creative individual, who is consistently looking for new opportunities and possibilities to improve the success of the marketing department. With a refreshed look on patterns and data, coupled with his knowledge of new media opportunities, Paul creates innovative online concepts that generate excellent results. In our brainstorm sessions, he takes feedback well, provides input, and comes up with effective solutions.

Garry Pesochinsky
Director Full Circle Investment Group

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