Google Shopping Advertising is a great way to generate conversions for e-commerce! There are numerous ways to market your product such as Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising with each having their own set of pros and cons. However, one method isn’t as widely known of and as such not as widely utilized either. The use of Google Shopping Advertising by making Product Ads is a very good way to market your product. If you want to learn about how they work then continue reading.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads appear after you’ve made a query search related to any article or item. What sets these product ads apart is that they have a high-quality image along with the price of the relevant product as well. This concise and instant information when made available to the consumer manages to sway them away and eventually persuade them into buying the product. These listings are strategically placed as well as they appear at the top of the search engine listings meaning a great degree of exposure to new audiences. This lets companies observe up to 130% conversion rates.

Why use Google Shopping Advertising at all?

If you’re looking to:

  • Boost sales for your brand
  • Reach more customers
  • Build a target audience as well as brand awareness
  • Capitalize on ROI

Google Shopping Advertising alternatives

Google Shopping Ads
Google Shopping Ads

Then Google Shopping Advertising is the right service for you to explore and use to advertise your product. Google isn’t the only search engine to offer this as Bing has a similar Bing Advertising network called The Bing Network which also lets you put up paid ads. You can select certain keywords that are relevant to your product and you are most certain that a customer will eventually type those in. After they’ve done so, your product will be shown in the product listing ensuring customer engagement and brand exposure. Google is copying a lot of features from Pinterest, read more of advertising on Pinterest.


As freelancer I worked together with Paul on different multi media projects. I loved our design and concept brainstorming sessions because no idea was crazy enough. In the end this free thinking atmosphere always led to great ideas. Paul has great skills translating and execute marketing strategies to performing campaigns. Due to his passion he is totally involved to get the best possible results on the short and long term. Go for a brainstorm and the ideas will flow. Create focus and you will kick goals together.

Jordi Wesche
UX designer / Creative at Chunk

I met Paul 8 years ago we started with a couple of small projects together. In 2016 Paul worked a couple of months for Todd to design and implement the foundation of our new online marketing strategy. During the period he trained the team to transfer knowledge and to make sure we are able to sustain and improve the results. Due the effective online marketing campaigns we noticed an increase in brand awareness what came with more new and returning business. The values Paul portraits fits perfect with our Work Hard Play Hard mentality. I recommend Paul for Setting Up the Online Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation.

Richard Todd
Owner and founder at TODD Reclamestal and James PRO

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Getting Started with Google Shopping Advertising

You can brute force your way through this by paying more per click and having your ad show up in the search results. Or, you can team up with me and let me devise a marketing strategy that isn’t just cost-effective but profitable. By lending your company my knowledge and technical, marketing smarts we can work towards a mutual goal of your success. If you would like to see that happen, get in touch with me today so we can discuss this further.

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