Instagram Advertising
Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising can be a big game changer for your business. There was a time when Facebook was heavily relied on for all your social media needs, but apparently, Instagram and the likes of it have become a monumental addiction for millennials. With its growing popularity and an active user base of almost 700 million, it has dethroned some of the top social media giants. With that said, marketing agents find all kinds of opportunities to promote their brands on this captivating app and are constantly striving to stand out from the rest with their advertising approach. And if that is something along the lines of what you’re looking for, you’ve landed on the right page.

Get seen by Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising
Instagram Advertising

Indubitably, Instagram is one of the best possible options out there where your brand needs to find a spot. Not only does it help you reach millions of users in a day, but it also offers effective ways of interaction where the user can easily reach you back. Moreover, there is close to no additional annoyance factor that comes with most ads, as Instagram ads seamlessly blend in with the rest of the feed, making them feel a lot less conspicuous. Rest assured, if your ad checks off all the right boxes, it is bound to garner a lot of attention in no time.

Use Facebook data for Instagram Advertising

Instagram is owned by Facebook and run Ads from the same platform. This way you can use Facebook Data to do your Instagram Advertising this way you can accelerate your growth rapidly. With that said, you do not need to look any further as I am fully equipped to help you out on this front and can make your brand noticeably stand out on a busy feed. Providing you with options like targeting audiences with Facebook data, and a broad range of Instagram feed ads varying from photo and video ads to carousel and story ads. This Instagram advertising approach is a must-have for everyone who needs to increase their brand awareness, aims to reach a massive audience or generate leads online.

Recommendations Instagram Advertising

Paul did a tremendous job in helping us setting up our online marketing strategy. Paul has a lot of experience with all marketing channels and he knows how to combine the best strategies with receiving the best outcomes. Paul also helped us with our Social Media Strategy. Paul has set up all social campaigns for our sale period and this resulted in our best social media revenue ever! Paul implemented different campaign strategies to see which campaign and target audience is delivery the best outcomes. I would highly recommend Paul Ram for all of your online marketing strategies and social implementations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as a reference – more than happy to tell you more about our work experience.

Wouter Spruijtenburg
Marketing Manager at OTG CUSTOM APPAREL®

Paul is a very generous and open-minded guy who is willing to help and advice you to get the best results on Social media. If you want to get the most out of your campaign I would highly recommend to give him a call.

Sander Bouwman
Digital Activation Marketeer bij Sticky Bandits

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Whether you want to score some more hits on your website, or need a boost in your sales, let me seal the deal with my Instagram advertising plan. If this appeals to you, feel free to contact me and fill out the form to avail our services of a free online advertising strategy call, or a free audit of your current online advertising scheme.

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