Facebook custom audience

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences give you a lot of options to reach out to your audience and be very specific with what offers and information you’re targeting them. With good running Facebook Custom Audience campaigns you save costs and increase the results of you Online Advertising Campaigns.

Simply said:
Facebook works like a sniffer dog for you, you give Facebook a piece of your existing audience and “sniffer dog” Facebook is finding similar audience for you day in day out. Therefor  you can target the similar audience (example, like your current clients) with a hyper relevant message on the right time. So this way you can guide them through every stage of their user journey and stay top of mind till they are ready to take action or buy. 

Example of Facebook Custom Audiences: Facebook re-targeting

You probably will recognise this situation: you’re looking for a product online and suddenly everywhere this specific product with exact the color you’re looking for shows up! Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads on websites you visit this product is there. How do they do this?!

With a small piece of software your choices are recorded and advertisers & business owners can now use those choices to serve you Ads with super specific and relevant offers. How awesome is that if you can use that for your business?

Therefor in most of my marketing strategies I will suggest to combine Facebook Custom audiences campaigns. As with generic targeting you can find new audiences andFacebook Custom audiences campaigns give you the power to generate results without spending as much.

With Facebook Custom Audiences you can target

  • current clients with specific new offers?
  • new leads with specific information?
  • website visitors with a reminder offer?
  • website visitors of specific product pages with specific offers?
  • people that added products to their card but didn’t check out?
  • users of your app with new information?
  • customers that bought something in your offline store?
  • people that filled in a survey with certain results?
  • customers that are likely need to renew their product or service?
  • people that saw your video on Facebook?
  • fans that interacted with your facebook post or page?
  • followers that interacted with your Instagram post or profile?
  • people that interacted with your event on Facebook?
  • members that opened your email or newsletter?
  • members that are in a certain stage of your online course?
  • loyalty card members?

ALL above and even MORE is possible! Learn now how.

Benefits of Facebook Custom Audience

As you can read above you can target very specific audiences based on their actions and status within your business. Custom Audiences allow companies to target contextual advertisements directly to people that did certain actions when the business, product or service is still fresh in mind.

How to create Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook custom audience
Facebook custom audience options

Finding the right Facebook Custom Audiences

Not all Custom Audiences are working for every campaign. Too generate leads and business online it is Important to select the right audiences and use the right Advertising to get the audience involved and interacting with your Ads. Important is to nurture leads or potential clients in a manner that they always keep interested in your product. On the moment they are ready you’re still top of mind and passing by with your hyper relevant message.

Combines Facebook Custom Audiences with Lookalike Audience

Can you imagine: from all the example audiences I gave earlier in this blogpost you can create Facebook lookalike audiences to generate new audiences and target new audiences and send them super relevant Facebook or Instagram Ads. This will create a very wide range audience with a lot of new potential clients.

Facebook custom audience
Facebook custom audience

Dynamic Facebook Audiences

When you’re setup your customer relationship management (CRM) software you can create dynamic custom audiences. For example you generate 200 new leads per week, you can add them automatically to your Facebook Custom Audience so you send them exact the right Facebook Ads on the right time.

Exclude (Dynamic) Facebook Audiences

This way you can also exclude certain groups from certain Facebook Ads. For example people that are already a member of the loyalty program you don’t need to bother with a campaign to sign-up for it. Excluding these members from you campaign will avoid spending extra money what isn’t necessary and the target group only sees the right message from you as a business.

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Need help with Facebook Custom Audiences?

You see the potential of Facebook Custom Audiences but don’t know where to start or you’re to busy with your business?

Read here what Facebook says about Custom Audiences

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