Facebook Lookalike Audience

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

How awesome would it be if you could target people with the same interest, behaviour and patterns as your current clients? Phenomenal right? That is possible, let me explain the options of Facebook Lookalike Audiences to you!

Facebook Lookalike Audience Explained

In Facebook you can create different audiences. Based on those audiences you can ask Facebook to look for people with the same behaviours and patterns in their profile. So this means they are close to the audience you selected. I almost always  recommend using Lookalike audiences in my Online Marketing strategies as its a very powerful tool to discover potential clients.

VIDEO Facebook Lookalike Audience Explained

TIP: Always create your audience before you setup your Facebook campaign. This way you:

  • See if your audience is big enough
  • Just have to select your audience in the Adset
  • Can re-use your audience in multiple Adsets
  • Can create multiple variations of your audience

Creating the Lookalike audience on Facebook

When you’re creating a lookalike audience you need to select the next options:

Facebook LookaLike Audience
Facebook LookaLike Audience Options

Audience Source:

You need a source audience to give Facebook an audience what they have to use to match their audience. For example, you can use your current customers to base your new lookalike audience on. OR your 500 top clients and try to find more of them and more of those tricks you can use to find you best audience.

Note: Be aware that the most people in the audience need to be guided through and first meet your brand before they take action. Therefor I recommend to create a marketing funnel based on your Online Advertising Strategy. From wide audience to the moment you offer them your product or service and generate online leads.


You’ve to fill in a location so Facebook know where to look for a matching lookalike audience. You can enter multiple locations here to get the target audience from.

TIP: If you’ve enough data from different cities make different lookalike audiences. From experience I know that the people in Melbourne react different to Property Investment Ads than the people in Melbourne do. If you can segment those audiences and serve them the specific Ads targeted on them the conversion will be higher.

Audience size you want to target

When you setup lookalike audiences you can select a percentage of people Facebook will target based on your original audience you selected. 1% is more similar to your original audience compared to the 10%. This is testing and see how big your lookalike audience is and where you get the best results. Therefor I developed several techniques to test the best percentages based on your original audience combined with your budget. Every audience and budget are in the base the same but details will make the difference. You can always start with a warmer audience to build up the social proof and than change the Facebook Ad Objective to reach out to a wider audience backup up with your likes, comments and shares.

After you created your Facebook Lookalike Audience (important)

You go to your campaign and select the Adset you want to apply your audience to. If you have an adset running for a longer time. COPY your Adset and apply the audience on the new Adset. This way you can just turn of your old adset and always go back to your old Adset when needed.

Apply the new audience on the copied Adset and start running the new Adset. Make sure you collect enough data to make a proper decision to increase the budget or turn off the campaign.

Combine and segment your look a like audience

When you created a lookalike audience you’re still able to add extra segmentation on your audience. For example income above 100K, relation status single or age range. This way you can narrow down your audience and focus your ads as much as possible to get results.

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