Ikea Career Instructions

Ikea Career Instructions

Often the best campaigns are the most simple ones. Ikea Career Instructions is one of my all time favourite campaigns made by Ad Agency The Monkeys and Ikea. The simplicity of the campaign, use of their existing network, together with the surprise factor and totally in line with all the branding of the Ikea company. For me the creativity combined with the right assets in their content and distribution strategy makes it a very strong campaign.

Ikea Career Instructions Results

You also see those strong campaign factors coming back in the results:

  • $0 media spent
  • $0 postage
  • 4285 quality applications
  • 280 careers assembled
  • New media channel established

The campaign it self was strong, but due to the simplicity and creativity a lot of websites took over the news so the impact of the campaign was way bigger than only the papers what reached the houses with their products.

What is your favourite on or offline campaign? Let me know in the comments.

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