Pinterest for business owners

Benefits of Pinterest for Business Owners

Pinterest is a social media platform built around the concept of saving ideas. These ideas can further be added to heavily curated collections called boards which can be viewed, shared and even contributed to. These ideas can be anything from art, cooking, gardening, cars to aesthetics. Therefore, Pinterest receives visitors belonging to different segments. These are artists, fashion enthusiasts, skaters, and photographers. Each idea, cleverly called a Pin, could be an image, video, article or an animated gif. What makes Pinterest so great to use is that you can turn anything to a pin, whether you’re browsing Instagram or reading the news, you can save it to your boards. Let’s consider all the benefits of Pinterest for business owners.

So, why Pinterest for Business owners?

Pinterest for business owners
Pinterest for business owners

Well, we’ve established that a wide variety of patrons frequent Pinterest for inspiration. A great deal of these patrons is also consumers. The seek ideas on making artwork, decorating their homes and painting cars. These ideas then serve to link them to relevant products. For a business to have a board on Pinterest is like having a more effective catalog. As the people viewing the board would want to take something away from it. This way you can drive your sales and influence more people which is one of the most fruitful benefits of Pinterest for business owners. When considered technically, Pinterest is much easier to manage when compared to Instagram. Giving you flexibility on the kind of visual content you want to display for your brand, you can devise a powerful and multi-dimensional marketing strategy. See a more statistic view Why Use Pinterest as a business owner.

What sets Pinterest apart from this is that a lot of Pinterest users browse with a consumer-oriented mindset.

Why the Audience is Great for Businesses

Pinterest for business owners
Pinterest for businesses

IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND A great degree of users on Facebook and Instagram aren’t really looking to buy anything when they browse these websites. They’re either catching up or just scrolling to kill time. What sets Pinterest apart from this is that a lot of Pinterest users browse with a consumer-oriented mindset. If they find something they like, they’re more likely to purchase it. Apart from that, Pinterest users are brandy savvy and more experimental with their purchases. This lets them consider promising new businesses and buy their products, which proves to be one of the many benefits of Pinterest for business owners. Another aspect to the audience is the high levels of diversity, meaning no matter what your business is, you will find an audience for it on Pinterest. Tapping into this population of users who are ready, willing and able to browse as well as purchase products that they discover bodes well for businesses and business owners alike.

Ease of Use Makes it a Breeze for New Businesses

As you know have a fair enough idea of the many benefits of Pinterest for business owners, you would want to set up a profile. Pinterest allows for a business account on their platform, letting you register as a business profile with the utmost ease and convenience. Granted that Instagram offers you the same option, but the fact that you can start pinning anything to your profile almost instantly is what gives a Pinterest Business Profile its edge. Instagram’s algorithm favours those who pay for advertising and if your business isn’t a sponsored one, you have no shot at skipping the queue. However, with Pinterest, you can simply write Search-Friendly captions for your pins and you’ll be coming on user’s searches frequently. Since Pinterest keeps populating search results on its own, users browsing through pins are exposed to a lot of ideas and one of them could very easily be yours.

Video Pinterest for Business Owners

Can Pinterest Boards be Substituted for a Catalogue?

Of course, they can! As Instagram does not let you upload an album to your profile and the collections are limited to 10 images per post, Pinterest boards are theoretically infinite and can be expanded up to a great degree. You can mix different kinds of mediums in your boards when you save pins which lets you organise your products in all kinds of creative and presentable ways. Users can follow your boards which will keep them notified about every time you update it. With your catalogs organised and easier to search, users will find it easier to browse through your boards. By perfecting your content strategy, making catchy image-centric collections you can maximise traction as well as your reach. Adding infographics and factoids to supplement your products makes it a complete and believable package as well adding to the already present benefits of Pinterest for business owners.

Running Pinterest for Business Owners? Analytics? Analytics!

Incorporating a data-driven approach along with studying analytics helps a business harvest and use data to their advantage. This way you’re able to correctly predict and profit from the shift in trends and ride every new wave that’s about to surface. Pinterest has a built-in feature to serve analytics to show you what your top pins are and what really helps your profile the most. You can then use this information to provide similar content and keep the game in play. With already a lot of benefits of Pinterest for business owners, analytics can really help you drive your business forward.

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