Omni-Channel Advertising Campaigns; all the good pieces of the platforms combined into one strategy. Digital Transformation has given us loads of opportunities to use technology to help establish businesses and ultimately nurture them. This also opened many different advertising channels for businesses as well such as Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Advertising apart from the conventional means of display ads and text messages. With these many options to utilize, many brands focused on one or two channels and did not touch the rest. However, for a business to truly excel they mustn’t leave any stones unturned. Omni-channel Advertising stands to combine all the advertising and marketing channel and integrate them into a holistic approach.

Omni Channel Advertising
Omni Channel Advertising

Continue reading to learn about Omni-Channel Advertising Campaigns. Having an Omni-Channel approach makes it easy for your customer to associate with and recognize your brand as well as sending a unified message across different platforms to different customer interactions. Some people prefer to look for products to purchase on Amazon while some have the same attitude about Instagram. This is where it’s crucial to have an omnichannel approach.

By employing Omni-Channels your company can:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Target more customers and also explore new markets
  • Harness different kinds of data and feedback
  • Achieve maximum brand awareness

Omni-Channel Advertising Strategy

Omni Channel Advertising
Omni Channel Advertising

A seamless omni-channel approach requires uniformity across all your channels meaning your website, social media page as well as your actual, physical outlet must reflect the same policies, looks, and ideologies. Omni-channel marketing differs from multi-channel marketing as multi-channel is a subset of omni-channel. You can cultivate your online presence on your e-commerce store, promote your business on social media and participate in exhibitions and expos to showcase your product. This is the omni-channel approach and it yields a very high reward on optimum execution.

Recommendations Omni-Channel Marketing

I would describe Paul as a passionate marketeer with a ‘never give up’ attitude. During our time at Full Circle Investment Group, we worked closely together and were able to implement new branding, launch a new website, introduce a weekly vlog and improve our Facebook advertising strategy for different regions and products. Paul’s strength is his knowledge of online marketing and lead generation, as well as his ability to create effective marketing campaigns.

Michael Pesochinsky
CEO Full Circle Investment Group

In my role as Executive Vice President, I worked closely with Paul to create campaigns for multiple projects and events. What I love most about working with Paul is his creative approach and ability to execute plans as agreed. Combining multiple sources of data and perspectives into new online campaigns led to vast improvements within the Marketing, Sales and Public Relations departments. I would describe Paul as inventive and flexible; he never gives up and ensures each project is successful. I strongly recommend Paul for online and social media strategy, lead generation and concept development.

John Sader
Executive Vice President

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Effective Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Your in-house marketing team might not have the expertise and knowledge to design and launch an effective social media advertising campaign. However, by combining your knowledge of the industry and my experience and skill when it comes to SMA, we can together start working towards spreading your business’s message to the ones that really matter. Being aware of the most cost-effective ways of marketing makes this solution well suited for your business. So, get in touch with me today and we can start working towards reaping the benefits of SMA for your business.

Help with Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

About 73% of buyers shop across multiple channels. If you only focus on one, you are missing out on the potential clients that the other mediums have. A good omni-channel marketing campaign is hard to devise without the right kind of knowledge and expertise. This is where I offer my services to help your business draft and implement the best suited omni-channel marketing campaign that runs seamlessly across all your offline and online outlets. As Omni-Channel requires a lot of planning and communication, hiring the right kind of help with let you smoothly adopt this change and use it to your advantage.

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