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Online Advertising is a great way to attract and new potential customers and guide them towards the moment they are ready to buy. When you setup Online Advertising it needs strengthen your strategy and benefit your company in some way. Are you thinking to start with Online Advertising or want to upgrade your current Online Advertising Strategy to get the most out of it? Don’t be shy and lets have a quick chat.

The Power of Online Advertising

Online AdvertisingThe MASSIVE power of Online Advertising is the specific targeting you can do per Ad and moment you serve your Ads to specific target groups.

Did you know that you can target people that:

  • Are searching your type of products or brand name
  • Visited your website last week, forth-night, month, 60 days or 90 days
  • Visited a specific page last week, forth-night, month, 60 days or 90 days
  • Customers that still have products in their shopping basket
  • People that became leads but didn’t buy your product yet.
  • Are current customers
  • Saw your video on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram?
  • Engaged with your Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube?
  • Looking for a service or product nearby?
  • People that earn more that $100.000
  • People that are going to marry, give birth or have kids
  • People that are renting or having a mortgage
  • And so so so much more!

You can even filter that down to:

  • Geographical information
  • Demographic information
  • Online behaviour of your audience

But what if
You can target all people that have the same behaviour as your top 250 clients, but not your client yet?
Or the same kind of clients you have now but in a different location.

YES you can.

With some of the Online Advertising platform you can create and target those specific audiences, this way so you can serve them offers that suit them perfectly.

Online Advertising Funnels

Online AdvertisingOnline Advertising Funnels are a great way to warm-up colder audience and guide them through your funnel towards the goals you set for your campaign. Often Advertising funnels have the goal to generate leads online.

With Online Advertising Funnels you create a set of Ads that will start wide with light content and the further down the funnel the audience get more serious and the Ads will have more focus on your end goal. For example the know, like & trust methode can be a great way to build funnels for new audiences. As for existing clients you might want to try a more aggressive funnel or want to create fear of missing out campaign.

I’am convinced! I want more to know how I can make this work for my company.

Online Advertising Objectives

Awareness: Objectives that generate interest in your product or service.
Consideration: Objectives that get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it.
Conversions: Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service.

Simple example of Combined Online Advertising:

Online Advertising

Target people in search engines that are looking for your products. (Valuable audience but high costs per click) When the potential client makes a click and land on your website, re-target the people that didn’t buy your offer again by Social Media. (Often a cheaper but more visual channel to get their attention) Stay on top of mind and try to funnel them down till the moment they are ready to buy your product.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising landscape

Return on Investment Online Advertising

When you invest in Online Marketing In your Online Marketing Strategy it is important to set goals for your campaign. This goals you can reflect in Return on Investment. For example when you sell products and the lead value is.

Lead value explanation
Average sale x Conversion rate = Lead value
Let’s say you sell radios. Your average sale is $300 and your website converts at 2%.

$300 x 0.02 = $6

Each lead you get is worth $6. That means each person who stumbles upon your website through search, clicking an ad, or from social media has a value of $6.

Lead value impacts your marketing spend
Your lead value can influence your marketing budgets. See the two lead value examples below

Example: with a pay-per-click ad that cost you $10 per click. It would cost you more per lead than they are worth.

Example: Some Social Media Ads that cost $2 per click is probably better to look into.

In the end it is important to calculate what you spent and what the leads are worth its called Return on Investment (ROI). When you calculate ROI per campaign, per source and much more variables you can adjust your campaigns and optimise your Online Advertising Campaigns further.

Lead value per source
And example that might want to spent more on one source than another source: You might promote an education content piece whose audience seems to be right in line with your product. It might cost $8 per click. If that particular audience converts at 5% instead of your usual 2%, the extra money is worth it.

$300 x .05 = $15

Each lead you get from this source is worth $15.

Online Advertising SMEs & Personal Branding

Online Advertising can be a very powerful tool for SMEs and people that want to build their brands. Good examples of this are Kerwin Rae & High Smile. Their content is great but with the power of online advertising they accelerate their campaigns to higher levels and generate a lot of impact directly in their target group.
See also the case study of Kerwin Rae (Personal branding) and High Smile (SMEs company to multi million dollar business)

Power of Combined Online Advertising

The real power of online advertising is combining them. Target the right audiences per channel on the right moment.

Example of effective budgeting Online Advertising

Online Advertising

As you can see there are a lot of advertising options. What is the right one for your business? Experience will tell but also testing. I want to give you this example from my client.

He wants to do Google advertising because that works and I don’t know anyone that does use Bing as a search engine. Cool, lets do that. But I told him run a SEA test on Bing Search Engine Advertising as well to compare the data we get from the campaigns.

We spread the budget 80% on Google and 20% on Bing. The outcome was surprising (for him).
The costs were per click on Google were $12 and the cost per click for Bing was $6. The outcome of those clicks to leads was almost the same.

Basically on Bing he could get twice as much leads for his money. What would you do, all budget to Bing? It ain’t that easy, let me explain a little further.

There are only “so much” people that are willing to buy
Lets say 100% of the people that are willing to buy your product are searching for your product. They use different search engines. Lets say 70% Google, 15% Bing, 10% Yahoo and 3% Duck Duck Go and maybe 2% some others search engines.

With Online Advertising it is all about finding the sweet spot and scaling the campaigns effectively for maximum results. For example $1000 can have in some cases the same results as $20.000. As not more people are willing to buy.

As Google is well known by everyone and can be a little bit saturated in some niches Bing can be surprisingly good as the bid-costs for clicks are often less. But also less people that search on Bing so less people looking for your type of service or product.

Improve your Online Advertising Campaigns

When you do online advertising always test different sources to generate leads and keep improving them. This was you don’t rely one source that might dry out. Also you can scale your online advertising campaigns easier. In the end you want as much quality leads for less money as all the money you save you can spent again to get more leads. Very important when you do online advertising is to measure your online campaigns and keep improving them systematic step by step, this way you can generate better results faster.

How to Implement Online Advertising in Online Marketing Strategy

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to start. I can guide you through the possibilities. and with your knowledge of your niche and clients and my Online Advertising knowledge we can craft great campaigns and start capturing leads for your business.

Ps. Did you know that you can see ALL the Facebook Ads of your competitors? Click here and lets me share this little trick with you ❤️

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