Starting with Video Advertising a good idea? Advertising is getting more and more visual! With advertising becoming more and dynamic, conventional means of text-based advertising are starting to become redundant. Unless your ad is eye-catching and informative, it won’t get the attention you’re trying to capture. This will ultimately reflect on your sales when you won’t have a trendy brand presence to attract customers. Video advertising is becoming a dominant force in digital marketing because it takes advantage of people ignoring blocks of text and preferring to watch videos on their devices. You can connect better with your buyer via visual content, especially if it’s dynamic and engaging like a video.

Video Advertising
Video Advertising

You’ve come to the right place if you wish to understand the importance of Video Advertising. By making presentable and interactive content about your product, you are able to advertise it better on social media networks when you do Social Media Advertising. Audiences find it much easier to consume video content as opposed to static images and text.

Why Use Video for Advertising?

You should consider video advertising if:

  • You need to improve your Social Media Marketing
  • You want to target your segment with engaging content
  • You want to establish a long-term customer relationship
  • You want to have a well-produced catalog of your product
  • You want effective and wide-spread brand awareness
Video Advertising
Video Advertising

Video streaming sites like Buzzfeed, YouTube and, to an extent, even Snapchat experience a great deal of traffic every day. YouTube alone has recorded about 1 billion hours of video viewing on their site every day since 2017. That’s an alarming number of views but grossly exploitable. You can use video views to not only increase your ROI but also maximise your returns. By creating brand awareness via Video Advertising, you’re making content that is far easier to share and propagate. Video consumption has become such an integral part of the online experience that with the right knowledge of keywords and relevant searches, you can direct customers your webpage with the utmost ease.

Recommendations Video Advertising

I would describe Paul as a passionate marketeer with a ‘never give up’ attitude. During our time at Full Circle Investment Group, we worked closely together and were able to implement new branding, launch a new website, introduce a weekly vlog and improve our Facebook advertising strategy for different regions and products. Paul’s strength is his knowledge of online marketing and lead generation, as well as his ability to create effective marketing campaigns.

Michael Pesochinsky
CEO Full Circle Investment Group

In my role as Executive Vice President, I worked closely with Paul to create campaigns for multiple projects and events. What I love most about working with Paul is his creative approach and ability to execute plans as agreed. Combining multiple sources of data and perspectives into new online campaigns led to vast improvements within the Marketing, Sales and Public Relations departments. I would describe Paul as inventive and flexible; he never gives up and ensures each project is successful. I strongly recommend Paul for online and social media strategy, lead generation and concept development.

John Sader
Executive Vice President

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How Can I Help With Your Video Advertising

I can help your business create, conceptualise and disseminate your digital video ads so that they have a significant impact on your marketing ROI. A carefully thought out and well-constructed Video Advertising strategy can invite the audience into the fold and slowly introduce them to your product in a charming and creative way. This leads to you establishing a repertoire and customers looking forward to viewing more of your content. To start on your Video Advertising plan, get in touch with me today.

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