Paul Ram Freelance online marketeerHi, my name is Paul

I love to work with highly motivated people that want to make change to their business and willing to take on that road to success. My passion is to help people grow their business, building their perfect online presence and effective online marketing campaigns.

Are you like minded and willing to grow your business? Nice to meet you! I’d love to work with you. As a team we can use your knowledge about the industry, my knowledge about marketing combined with useful collected data and start creating effective marketing campaigns.

Beside my online marketing projects I love to travel and use my personal projects as playground to keep up to date with the newest developments in the online marketing space and find new effective marketing strategies. With a trusted group of freelancers I can offer you a total online media solution from online media strategy, simple website to massive custom online applications. Our group is connected through our passion for digital media and finding the most effective solutions for our clients.

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Personal Bio

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Cool! you took the time to learn more about me. I studied in Amsterdam where I lived and worked as a freelance online marketeer for over 8 years. One day I decided to go train and go on a massive adventure, ride my bicycle from Amsterdam to Pisa. One of the best experiences of my life. A true challenge to cycle over the Alps and reaching Pisa. The feeling on the finish line was just amazing!

That ride to Pisa and the travel stories of my sister gave me the travel-bug to explore more of the world. In 2014 I booked my one way ticket to China to start my adventure traveling through Asia. After a couple of years I ended up in Melbourne where I became a full time Marketing Manager for two years in the finance and property industry.

With my knowledge and passion for marketing I want to help people grow their business. A campaign making impact and generating results that is what strives me. I believe every company, small or big should have an online presence to give them the opportunity to generate business online.

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