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My passion is to help people grow their business by building their perfect online presence and draw in more business by online channels.

As a team we can use your knowledge about the industry, my knowledge about marketing combined with useful collected data and start creating effective marketing campaigns for your business.

With 10+ years online marketing experience within roles at Discovery Channel Benelux (Europe), Chamber of Commerce (Amsterdam NL), Todd Reclamestal (NL) and over two years of experience in the highly competitive finance and property lead generation in Australia I’m confident we can create online strategies that are winning for your business!

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What Others Have to Say

  • I perceive Paul as generous and intelligent person, who's business savvy and has a great curiosity towards technical development and automatisation. He has an admirable passion for helping people establish their dreams, while chasing his own. We got to know each other quite well in a very short time, which resulted in a great work relationship, and special friendship. Paul is one of the few people I'd trust with my business marketing, and one of the few people I actually learned to listen to :) I'd highly recommend Paul for any of your marketing strategies, as most "marketing people" only touch the surface from what Paul knows.

    Lisanna Weston CEO & Founder Dutchies Travel
  • During Paul's time at Full Circle Investment Group, I worked together with Paul as his direct manager. I would describe him as switched on, creative and organised. Running the marketing team, we had daily meetings and brainstorm sessions to align business and marketing goals. From small changes to big projects, Paul and his team managed to get the work done no matter what and achieved the best results for the company. His work ethic and results-driven mentality led the department to receive the ''Most Amazing Team 2017'' award at Full Circle Investment Group.

    Michael Peroumal Group Vice President
  • During my time working with Paul, I have come to know him as a passionate and creative individual, who is consistently looking for new opportunities and possibilities to improve the success of the marketing department. With a refreshed look on patterns and data, coupled with his knowledge of new media opportunities, Paul creates innovative online concepts that generate excellent results. In our brainstorm sessions, he takes feedback well, provides input, and comes up with effective solutions.

    Garry Pesochinsky Director Full Circle Investment Group
  • Paul is a pioneer, a source of inspiration and a good sparringpartner when it comes to social media marketing. Because of his endless motivation and social willingness to stimulate people moving forward, he will manage to reach his customers goals on time and budget. Over the last years Paul helped me multiple times with both strategic and operational queries. For the upcoming future, I have nothing but confidence about our ongoing positive collaboration.

    Ewoud Schaafsma Product Owner / Digital Marketing Expert
  • In my role as Executive Vice President, I worked closely with Paul to create campaigns for multiple projects and events. What I love most about working with Paul is his creative approach and ability to execute plans as agreed. Combining multiple sources of data and perspectives into new online campaigns led to vast improvements within the Marketing, Sales and Public Relations departments. I would describe Paul as inventive and flexible; he never gives up and ensures each project is successful. I strongly recommend Paul for online and social media strategy, lead generation and concept development.

    John Sader Executive Vice President
  • I would describe Paul as a passionate marketeer with a 'never give up' attitude. During our time at Full Circle Investment Group, we worked closely together and were able to implement new branding, launch a new website, introduce a weekly vlog and improve our Facebook advertising strategy for different regions and products. Paul’s strength is his knowledge of online marketing and lead generation, as well as his ability to create effective marketing campaigns.

    Michael Pesochinsky CEO Full Circle Investment Group
  • Paul did a tremendous job in helping us setting up our online marketing strategy. Paul has a lot of experience with all marketing channels and he knows how to combine the best strategies with receiving the best outcomes. Paul also helped us with our Social Media Strategy. Paul has set up all social campaigns for our sale period and this resulted in our best social media revenue ever! Paul implemented different campaign strategies to see which campaign and target audience is delivery the best outcomes. I would highly recommend Paul Ram for all of your online marketing strategies and social implementations. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me as a reference - more than happy to tell you more about our work experience.

    Wouter Spruijtenburg Marketing Manager at OTG CUSTOM APPAREL®
  • I cannot fault Paul! Paul’s expert knowledge of digital marketing has lead to a turning point for Taxably. With his clever tips and tricks we’ve managed to increase our online exposure. Paul knows his trade like no other and has always been fast to respond to any queries we’ve had, exceeding his service beyond our original request.

    Marlena Lancette-Smit Managing Director/Tax Agent at Taxably

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