Paul Ram is a online marketing consultant who has the unique ability to connect the creative, technic and analytics. With the combined knowledge he is able to create effective and result driven campaigns.

With the vision of short and longterm strategies the overall brand story will increase. As a former marketing manager he will make sure all marketing items will focus towards one goal. Getting more inbound leads and generate more business.

Paul RamWith roles at Discovery Channel Benelux (Europe), Chamber of Commerce (Amsterdam NL), Todd Reclamestal (NL) and Full Circle Investment Group (Australia) Paul knows what strategies are applicable for the different types of business. With over two years of experience in the highly competitive lead generation in the finance and property industry you need to be ahead of your competition to stand out. With that experience and every day learning mentality he will create and execute an unique online media strategy what suits your business and audience for the best possible impact.

Every days motto:

Don’t choke your clients with contracts but make clients addicted to your success.

Are you ready to make the difference and stand out? Take action!
With a clear strategy and plan of attack we can make a change for your company. In the end marketing will boost the sales department and the marketing department should live on the return on investments.

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started.

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