Do you have a business and want to generate more leads online? Get an understand the process of an optimised lead generation campaign and get high quality leads for less. Online Lead Generation is more than just setting up some Online Advertising and drive traffic to your website. Make sure your Lead generation campaigns  will give you leads week in week out month after month.

What is a lead

Online Lead Generation Strategy
Online Lead Generation Strategy

A lead is any person or entity that is potentially interested in purchasing your product or service. Within leads you have several degrees to qualify them and different approaches to convert the leads to a sale. “Hot leads” are more ready to buy. “Warm leads” are very interested but need some work. Cold leads are harder to convert and need often some more time, information, and trust building to convert from lead to sale.

Online Lead Generation Process

When you start with lead generation it is important to understand:

  1. What audience you are targeting?
  2. Where do you target your audience?
  3. What offers do you show your audience?
  4. When do you show them your?
  5. What action do they have to take?

These key metrics are the base of a good Online Lead Generation campaign. The power of Online Marketing is that your can set offers for different audiences and different stages of their customer journey. With good lead generation campaigns you can turn strangers into customers.

Websites must be online lead generation engines

Online Lead Generation
Online Lead Generation

Your website should be the center of your online lead generation and an optimised channel to gather potential clients. Even when the media landscape is changing you are in control of your own website and in control of your lead generation machine wherever the traffic is coming from.

Improve your lead conversion rate
When my team and I design and develop a website, we are aiming for the best representation of your brand combined with performance to gather leads. For this reason I don’t see your website as a project but a process.

Optimising your website with the data and proven strategies will get the best results as possible, we aim for the long term relationship and not just the quick wins. We want your business to be as successful as possible so together we can grow to higher heights.

Work smarter not harder

These days there are a lot of good marketing tools available to do lead generation, every marketer can setup a quick win campaign. It is not the tool or marketing automation what makes the real difference. It is the power of an Online Marketing Strategy combined with the right tools and process that ensures you’ll generate week in week out, month after month leads for your business.

Grow your Sales Pipeline

With the right attention to your online marketing and a performing website, your pipeline will be filled and your team can focus on closing the deals to run your business in a sustainable way.

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