Google AdWords can be the motor of your high quality traffic, what leads in to new advertising opportunities with Omni-channel Advertising. Search Engine Advertising has been a game-changer for businesses, artists and brands alike. If you want to get acquainted with Google AdWords and a simple summary of how it works, then you’ve come to the right place.

Google AdWords is Google’s own advertising service which allows you to put search results for your products or brand under specific search engine result pages (SERP) by paying for the service. Working your way up to make it to the top search result pages organically will take a span of years. That’s a lot of lost revenue and your core focus should be setting your business and expanding its reach online as quickly as you can. By using paid search via Google AdWords, customers will be able to see your product right away. It’s not even that difficult or expensive.

If you’re company wishes to:

  • Connect with a large-scale audience
  • See quicker results compared to SEO marketing and branding
  • Gain higher rates of ROI
  • Have frequent user interactions

Get return on investment with Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Google Adwords

Google AdWords is just the right place to start. With this service, you can establish your account goals, determine your audience and conduct keyword research. Based on all of that data you will be able to devise a marketing strategy for your brand. Afterward you have to set a budget and start bidding for spots on the result pages. By making great landing pages and high-performing ads, you will not only be able to draw in more customers but also gain fame via word of mouth. An optimal AdWords account structure will fortify your efforts and yield more effective results. Declaring a budget and discovering your niche is the easiest aspect of setting up a Google AdWords campaign. The rest, as most find, is quite tricky and requires a bit of knowledge and expertise.


I perceive Paul as generous and intelligent person, who’s business savvy and has a great curiosity towards technical development and automatisation. He has an admirable passion for helping people establish their dreams, while chasing his own. We got to know each other quite well in a very short time, which resulted in a great work relationship, and special friendship. Paul is one of the few people I’d trust with my business marketing, and one of the few people I actually learned to listen to 🙂

Lisanna Weston
CEO & Founder Dutchies Travel

During my time working with Paul, I have come to know him as a passionate and creative individual, who is consistently looking for new opportunities and possibilities to improve the success of the marketing department. With a refreshed look on patterns and data, coupled with his knowledge of new media opportunities, Paul creates innovative online concepts that generate excellent results. In our brainstorm sessions, he takes feedback well, provides input, and comes up with effective solutions.

Garry Pesochinsky
Director Full Circle Investment Group

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Start your high quality traffic with Google AdWords

I can help you and your company with the technical aspects of setting an ad campaign as well as running a PPC campaign via Google AdWords. I can provide insight into the dynamics of bidding for advertisements as well as achieving the most success from selecting the right keywords. If you wish to maximize the impact of your AdWords campaign then contact me today.

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