Know Like Trust Love Factor

Know Like Trust & Love

Do you know about the Know Like Trust & Love factors? When you simplify the (online and offline) marketing strategies you can put them into 4 sections. Below I will explain the Know Like Trust & Love factors separately. Read which simple stages you can use to setup your campaigns and reach your potential clients with the perfect message in the right phase.

Know = See

This is when you or your brand get in sight-field of the client. You can use different marketing strategies to get seen but on average you need 12 contact-moments to covert a potential client into a sale. Important with this strategy is that you stay in the mind of the customer. Get seen on the right moment in the right place to stay top of mind. Examples of content what you can show in this phase is any kind of branded information or products without selling.

Like = Think about you

When you developed a good strategy to get in front of your audience you can start working on your relationship. What do people think when they see or hear about you or your brand? Do they like you, what can you do to make them like you or your brand? Perfect example is Cold Coke. If I ask you to name a brand of Cold Cola you probably would say Coca Cola. They are everywhere (see phase) and their brand image is great. With their campaigns they choose a certain route. Not that their coke is the best but they play it on emotion  “Enjoy life with happiness” or “Taste the feeling”. When you drink Coca Cola you will have fun and a great feeling. A good strategy with content in the phase is to give something to your audience and show that their dreams can become reality. That can be a good blogpost for example an how to or an explainer blog, a free sample, a PDF download or first part of a course. Great way to show up when they Google keywords or your brand is to add your Google Business Listing.

Trust = Action

When your audience likes you, your services or your brand you’re on the right track! This is the final stage to build the relationship towards the trust factor. When a potential customer trusts your brand he or she is ready to buy your product. In this stage you need to be ready to offer the potential client your product or service on the right moment, location & channel. Important in this situation is that the offer suits the expectation of the potential costumer to increase the conversion rate. Reach out to gain trust can be done in many different ways, think of sharing/ showing reviews, customer cases, trusted logo’s / Reports / audits of industry organisations.

Love = Spread

When someone bought your product or is really happy with your services you should catch this moment to convert the costumer to a brand ambassador. Take care in the aftersales. Do whatever to win for your client. Generate a smile on their faces. They will convert from normal consumer into brand ambassadors. Even think of a special program for brand ambassadors. Of course you’re giving your clients a solution for their problem but your clients make it possible that your business exist. Give back, give back when they don’t expect it and they will be in love with you and your brand.

Don’t start selling in the know and like phase, I recommend to start selling after the trust phase. Your product is good right? Learn people about you and your product and let them experience the same love you have for the product before confronting them with an offer.

What simple or more advanced strategies are you applying in your campaigns? Let me know in the comments

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