Snapchat Advertising can unlock the new audience you’re looking for. Social media networks witness a large influx of users from the mobile domain. It is no surprise that social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat tend to do so well and attract such a large audience. Snapchat boasts about 200 million daily active users and when translated into business terms, that’s a lot of potential capital. Lots of young people and influences share content and engage with each other on a daily basis with an average of the app being checked 25+ per day. With paid Social Media Advertising such as the likes of YouTube advertising, Snapchat Advertising can really help boost your brand recognition as well. The app makes sharing content extremely easy as well, so if your product ends up sitting well with its audience then you have a fair chance at organic and extended growth.

Should You Invest in Snapchat for Your Brand?

Well, using Snapchat for your business promises you the following things

  • Reach out to a more active audience
  • Exponentially increase brand awareness
  • Video ads in 100% viewable
  • Get onto a new audience and target the with omni-channel campaigns
SnapChat Advertising
SnapChat Advertising

So, we’ve established that Snapchat Advertising has its fair share of pros. Along with the ads being interactive videos, you can choose up to a wide range of advertisements as well like Snap Ads that play between viewing snaps and Filters and Lenses that are customised and created by your business. Using filters for pictures and lenses for selfies or portraits is a very quirky and creative way to engage your clientele. They will share your brand image with their friends who will then share it with their friends. This high rate of growth adds value to your investment making it pay off in more than just full.


Paul did a tremendous job in helping us setting up our online marketing strategy. Paul has a lot of experience with all marketing channels and he knows how to combine the best strategies with receiving the best outcomes. Paul also helped us with our Social Media Strategy. Paul has set up all social campaigns for our sale period and this resulted in our best social media revenue ever! Paul implemented different campaign strategies to see which campaign and target audience is delivery the best outcomes. I would highly recommend Paul Ram for all of your online marketing strategies and social implementations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as a reference – more than happy to tell you more about our work experience.

Wouter Spruijtenburg
Marketing Manager at OTG CUSTOM APPAREL®

Paul is a very generous and open-minded guy who is willing to help and advice you to get the best results on Social media. If you want to get the most out of your campaign I would highly recommend to give him a call.

Sander Bouwman
Digital Activation Marketeer bij Sticky Bandits

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How Can I Help You with Your Snapchat Advertising?

If you wish for your brand or business to be recognised as active, trendy and cool then Snapchat is a great place for you to advertise. I can offer my expertise and knowledge regarding social media trends and insight on how to run an effective advertising campaign. With our collaborative efforts, we can use the medium of snapchat to showcase and host a wide-spread advertising campaign that could have a very good chance of being a hit

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