Bing Advertising (SEA) strategy can definitely help your business! A lot of businesses are doing Search Engine Advertising and combining it with other efforts like Search Engine Optimization & Social Media advertising. Search engines like Google and Bing are helping businesses advertise their products directly to their target audiences. While a lot of people believe that Google dominates the internet, that claim isn’t entirely true as Bing is still a popular search engine for many.

Bing Advertising
Bing Advertising

Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, a browser that not everyone immediately switches out for something else. Bing makes up for 30% (14% Bing and 16% of Yahoo! which is the same company now) of searches in the US. To come up with an effective as well as a more expansive advertising strategy, one must not look over Bing when considering Search Engine Advertising.

Is Bing Advertising Worth Considering for SEA?

If you’re still wondering that, you’ve come to the right place. To start off you might have to look at these figures to really put things in perspective.

  • 133 million unique searchers on Bing Network
  • 5 billion monthly searches on Bing Network
  • 34% share of the U.S desktop search market

Why consider Bing with or over Google?

  • A good idea would be to include both, but Bing Ads has some great advantages to offer such as:
  • Less competition and cheaper CPCs
  • More granular control at the advertising campaign
  • Better device targeting options
  • Better social extensions to help integrate Social Media Advertising

With all that in mind, Bing holds a lot of promise and potential that businesses like yours can exploit to their fullest to grow exponentially. A good advertising campaign will help your business use Bing Ads to target different kinds of devices and user intents to fully capitalize on all relevant searches. Bing Ads lets you use a robust approach to mobile targeting which lets millions of people who browse via smartphones see your ads first.


Paul did a tremendous job in helping us setting up our online marketing strategy. Paul has a lot of experience with all marketing channels and he knows how to combine the best strategies with receiving the best outcomes. Paul also helped us with our Social Media Strategy. Paul has set up all social campaigns for our sale period and this resulted in our best social media revenue ever! Paul implemented different campaign strategies to see which campaign and target audience is delivery the best outcomes. I would highly recommend Paul Ram for all of your online marketing strategies and social implementations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as a reference – more than happy to tell you more about our work experience.

Wouter Spruijtenburg
Marketing Manager at OTG CUSTOM APPAREL®

Paul is a very generous and open-minded guy who is willing to help and advice you to get the best results on Social media. If you want to get the most out of your campaign I would highly recommend to give him a call.

Sander Bouwman
Digital Activation Marketeer bij Sticky Bandits

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Run Bing Advertising for your Business

Bing Advertising (SEA) offers a competitive edge to Google Adwords by being easier to use and offering more options to expand and reach out. By leading and designing your Bing Ads campaign I can help maximize your SEA reach and provide you with cost-effective solutions. Along with increasing brand-awareness, I can help your business take off and make more sales. If you wish to reach out directly to your clients and do it a quicker pace then get in touch with me today.

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