Yahoo Advertising is one of the main SEA platforms as the competition & the cost per clicks aren’t that high Yahoo can be very worthful. As a business, your goal should be being able to reach out to the maximum number of potential clients. You can employ SEO tactics for this as well as Search Engine Advertising to directly target online searches. Yahoo is one of the top stakeholders as well as sources of the internet’s most searches and for that reason alone it cannot be overlooked. Yahoo yields over 117M unique searches per month, therefore, you cannot just solely rely on one search engine and miss out on a number as significant as this.

Yahoo Advertising
Yahoo Advertising

Due to the fact that Yahoo has been one of the first search engines, they are still favorite of many internet users through most of their lives. And thats one of the main reasons why Yahoo still lives on. Loads of people still ardently use Yahoo for the latest news and online shopping. You can easily increase your exposure by 30% if you choose to incorporate Yahoo Advertising into your advertising strategy.

What does Yahoo Search Ads have to offer?

  • Highly relevant searches for users
  • Targeted towards an audience with higher intent
  • Yahoo display ads (personalized advertising)
  • Other add-ons like banner ads, sidebar ads and sponsored ads

With all that considered, Yahoo Advertising should not be skipped over at all. Especially now since Yahoo and Bing have merged together which lets you capitalize on both of their strengths and numbers and play them to your advantage. If you exploring all fronts then Yahoo Ads lets you import your Google Adwords campaign details directly to your Yahoo Bing Network account to smoothen your transition and start your campaign right away. With an extensive degree of control like keyword binding and in-depth view of advertising campaign budgeting, Yahoo Ads will help your business target professionals and veterans of the internet.


Paul did a tremendous job in helping us setting up our online marketing strategy. Paul has a lot of experience with all marketing channels and he knows how to combine the best strategies with receiving the best outcomes. Paul also helped us with our Social Media Strategy. Paul has set up all social campaigns for our sale period and this resulted in our best social media revenue ever! Paul implemented different campaign strategies to see which campaign and target audience is delivery the best outcomes. I would highly recommend Paul Ram for all of your online marketing strategies and social implementations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as a reference – more than happy to tell you more about our work experience.

Wouter Spruijtenburg
Marketing Manager at OTG CUSTOM APPAREL®

Paul is a very generous and open-minded guy who is willing to help and advice you to get the best results on Social media. If you want to get the most out of your campaign I would highly recommend to give him a call.

Sander Bouwman
Digital Activation Marketeer bij Sticky Bandits

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