Change Facebook Ad without loosing social proof

Change Facebook Ad from Objective or Ad Set without loosing social proof or data

Change your Facebook from Campaign Objective or Facebook Adset without loosing Social Proof & valuable data you collected ❤️

I think 95% of the people that advertise on Facebook don’t know this trick! This trick I learned almost a year ago and is so much worth for campaigns, happy to share with you.

This trick learns you how to keep your Social Proof on your Facebook Ad and the existing data while you’re able to change your Facebook audience and Facebook campaign objective!

I will show you this this by an example. From warm to colder audience.

When you run Facebook Ads you want to gain as much social proof as possible. This will increase the reach of your Ad and you’ll get a higher relevance score what will result in more traffic and less costs. But sometimes you want to change your Ad objective due to the online advertising strategy you’ve set out for your online lead generation campaign.

Warm to cold audience
One of the tricks you can do is start advertising with a warmer audience, and when you gained social proof target a colder audience. Due to the Social Proof the colder audience will interact more with your Ad and take the action you want them to do.

Example 1: Keep you Facebook Ad and change the objective.
Normally you can’t change the objective of your Facebook Ad Campaign so you have to create a new Ad in the new campaign if you want to use the same Ad. With this trick you can use the Ad with the social proof in ANY new campaign.

Example 2: Keep your audience and previous data in the Adset
When you want to test an existing Facebook Ad with a new audience you normally would create a new audience and new Facebook Ad and start from there. Or you can change your audience and keep the social proof but you loose your older data to compare with. This trick learns you how to keep your Social Proof on the Facebook Ad, change audience and the exciting data!

Example 3: test different Adsets with the same Ad and lead all the social proof to one Ad
With this trick you can create one main Facebook Ad and run different campaigns, objectives and audiences but the social proof will all go to the one Facebook Ad. How good is that?!

And many more situations you can use this trick. Get your inspiration going and let me know how you would use this trick.

BE AWARE: Never change the original Ad otherwise you will loose your social proof.
TIP: Create a campaign where you store your main Ads.

VIDEO how change your Facebook Ad from objective or audience without loosing social proof or data.

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